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We are a magazine dedicated to the world of tattooing, you will find us for sale in more than 15 countries on 3 continents and within Tattooed, you will find interviews, articles of interest and the best photo gallery of great artists.

Author and Editor:

Federico Harbaruk

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In Tattooed Magazine! you can find all the information you need about the most modern tattoo techniques, new styles and current trends, so you can capture on your skin what you carry inside.
Likewise, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the most acclaimed tattoo artists in the world, where you will be able to see part of their portfolio and find out what makes them so special.
Tattooed Magazine is designed to to be the main reference for all those who want to get tattooed for the first time (or even for the fifteenth time), as there is a vacuum of information specially created and designed for the tribe of tattooed.
This void can be noticed when many people, before getting a tattoo, look for information about techniques, style, care tips and others, but almost all the information you get is focused on the tattoo artists, and, after all, it is the clients who will carry these pieces of art permanently engraved on their skin.
A person with tattoos will always attract attention and steal the glances, and we want to be part of that process, of guiding each tattooed in every step of getting the most incredible tattoo on their skin, after all, each one is much more than a simple canvas for the artist, he is a person who wants to show his individuality to the world.
With the advice of Tattooed! these individuals will be able to make the best realistic decisions about their next tattoos, to take with them an emblematic piece that truly represents them. Without a doubt, Tattooed! seeks to be a source of real, current and objective information about the world of tattooing, to be able to offer the advice and advice that readers really need, and even to be able to give them the inspiration and motivation they need before getting their next tattoo.
And we, at Tattooed Magazine, will do our best so that you, who want to shout to the world who you really are with a piece that represents you, can take the step of tattooing your skin in the right way, giving you those tips you need so much, and answering those questions you may not dare to do.
Don’t be afraid to stain your skin, after all, the only thing that matters is that you have the freedom to express your personality as you see fit, and, from now on, we will be with you every step of the way.

Author and Editor:

Federico Harbaruk


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