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¿Qué me tatuó? ¿Dónde me lo hago?

Diseños finos y delicados que te servirán para marcar la diferencia y las mejores zonas de tu cuerpo para tatuarte. Tan importante es el diseño como la zona donde te lo vas a tatuar, sea pequeño o grande, cada tatuaje tiene...

Greywash or Black and Grey?

In the world of tattooing there is a diverse amount of techniques and styles that stand out, and that bring a different point of view or result to each piece of this art, as happens, for example...

Where does it hurt most?

Tattoos have been around since time immemorial. Today, however, they no longer fulfil the same purposes that they once did for our ancestors. Nowadays they themselves are often only a fashion trend...

Get tattooed for fashion?

With the time tattoos have become more and more acceptable, before the eyes of all, that is to say, what before was seen as a brand belonging to a gang, of mafias or as a negative...

Top 4 tattoo ideas

What is more important in the life of parents than their children? It is not surprising that many parents want to express this deep feeling of love in some way. Tattoos in honour of another person are something very special...

Tattoos for couples!

Partner tattoos are a trend that is becoming more and more popular. Sharing a motif with someone you love from the heart is a wonderful thing, but you don't necessarily have to get the other's name tattooed...

Minimalist tattoos

Many people today have opted for a minimalist tattoo because in addition to being aesthetically appealing and simple, they tend to be quick to perform, discreet, heal quickly, and are perfect for people...

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